Ash Estafan DDS
Ash Estafan DDS

Preventing Tooth Decay

There is more detail in Dr Estafan's blog post on Ways to Prevent Tooth Decay.

Find out about specifics on the role carbohydrates play in the formation of tooth decay as well as what you can do to reduce risk. Dr Estafan also goes into more detail on how we can benefit from Fluoride and the different ways it can be applied to teeth. Did you know Nassau County and specifically Port Washington does not have any Fluoride added to the water supply like many other places do (including New York City)? Fluoride can be delivered not only through drinking water, but also by the dentist with Fluoride Varnish, Silver Diamine Fluoride and with home treatments like Prevident. Educating yourself is a powerful tool in keeping your mouth in good shape. Getting in for a proper exam is the definitive start to getting that mouth in perfect health. 

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