Ash Estafan DDS
Ash Estafan DDS

Here are some products Dr Estafan & staff recommend:

The Oral-B Pro Series is excellent. This basic model has the 2-minute timer with the signal at 30-second intervals.Everyone should be using one. 



These little brushes are perfect for cleaning around implants, under bridges and between teeth.

They also help you realize how much junk floss can leave behind.

Bonus - they are great for cleaning things like jewlery and cell phone charging ports.


If you have a dry mouth, even if it is mild, you need to have this rinse.It has enzymes in it to replace what's depleted and help break down food, plus it just makes having a dry mouth feel less uncomfortable.



Floss Threaders 

Floss threaders are great for getting under bridges and implants.



Sulca Brushes

Eilat recommends these for getting into gum pockets to clean



ProxySoft Implant and Crown & Bridge Floss (AKA Thornton Floss)

These are pre-cut lengths of floss are great for getting under bridges and in between implants and implant crowns. 





Epic brand XYLITOL sweetened gum for preventing cavities


Melts to help with dry-mouth without causing cavities

Act Rinse for Dry Mouth

Mouthrinse designed to help dry mouth


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