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Oral Hygiene Instructions 

Modified Bass tecnhique: A systematic and appropriate brushing technique is crucial for an effective oral hygiene. Horizontal scrubbing with much pressure applied has to be avoided under all circumstances. The modified Bass cleaning technique has proven its worth both for people with healthy gums and for gingivitis and patients with periodontal disease.

Place the toothbrush at the gum margin at an angle of 45°. Press the bristles against the teeth and gums softly. Move the toothbrush with small, vibratory to and from motions. Thus, food residues and dental plaque will be removed thoroughly but gently. We don't have a preference for toothpaste, as long as it contains fluoride. Personally, I use one with triclosan, an antimicrobial agent in addition to standard Fluoride (Colgate Total).

Make sure your tooth brush is SOFT. Brush three times per day, preferably after meals. Two full minutes should be spent brushing, using a timer helps. Take 1 minute for the upper jaw and 1 minute for the lower. Then use 30 seconds for the left and 30 seconds for the right side in each jaw. Within the 30 seconds in each quadrant, spend 15 seconds on the outside (cheek side/lip side) and 15 seconds on the inside (tongue side/palate side).

Step 1:
Take about 18 inches (50cm) of floss and loosely wrap most of it around each middle finger (wrapping more around one finger than the other) leaving 2 inches (5cm) of floss in between.
Step 2:
With your thumbs and index fingers holding the floss taut, gently slide it down between your teeth, while being careful not to snap it down on your gums.

Step 3:
Curve the floss around each tooth in a "C" shape and gently move it up and down the sides of each tooth, including under the gumline. Unroll a new section of floss as you move from tooth to tooth.

Cleaning around Bridges & Implants

Teeth that have crowns, bridges and those supported by implants must be cleaned as frequently as natural teeth. Teeth that have crowns, bridges and root canals are susceptible to tooth decay and persiodontal disease if they are not properly cleaned.

Ask Dr Estafan to show you how to use FLOSS THREADERS and INTERDENTAL BRUSHES to clean around restorations like these. We always have samples on hand, so please do not hesitate to ask - or click here to find them on Amazon

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